Except for Access, Quids Inn, 14.12.12

A band with a high profile, these boys have played the O2 Arena as part of the Surface Festival, coming 7th out of 200 entrants, and their latest accolade is winning the Scarborough Tap & Spile Battle of the Bands.  It may be a smaller-scale event but the £1,000 prize shouldn’t be sniffed at.  Always enjoyable to hear, sadly this gig was poorly attended, despite the free entry (in Quids Inn, that may count as a breach of the Trade Descriptions Act).

The band did not let a vastly hollow venue deter them, enjoying banter with the audience that were present and presenting some great covers, including an Oasis medley that, when you’re in the right mood for it, will have you singing and swaying along for its entire, endlessly energetic run.  After the high of winning the Battle of the Bands only the night before, it might have been dispiriting for them playing to such a small, disparate crowd, but they showed only vigour despite that.

It was interesting to note that the band also offer tuition in their particular instruments; lessons from such talented musicians would certainly be worthwhile.  Whilst their original material is definitely enjoyable, their cover of Whole Lotta Rosie is definitely one of their highlights.

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